Macro MW


It’s late at night, or you’re in a rush to get an experiment started. You make a mistake in calculating the molecular weight of your DNA, RNA, or protein. There go days or weeks of work due to a simple mistake.

With this app you can quickly figure out the molecular weight of your macromolecule (DNA, RNA, or protein) from its length. For example, a 131 nucleotide RNA is 0.04 ug/pmol, corresponding to a molecular weight of 43,230 g/mol.

Alternatively, if you know the molecular weight, this app will give you the length of your macromolecule.  For example, you can quickly discover that a 50kD protein is 455 amino acids.

If you make a calculation based on the wrong type of macromolecule, simply press the selector button until the correct type is displayed. The app remembers whether you last entered a length or weight and automatically recalculates the other fields.

Make your lab calculations on the fly, at your bench or your desk!

User Manual: MacroMW User Guide